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We take pride in offering full orthotic and prosthetic patient care services for all populations from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Our ABC Accredited Facilities and ABC Certified staff are equipped to take care of your needs, whether they are basic or require cutting edge technology. We strive to offer the patient, referral sources and families the highest quality care through the use of our facilities, certified staff, superior customer support and state of the art lab.

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1709 Heath Parkway
Fort Collins, CO 80524 US

PHONE: (800) 466-7015 Fax: (970) 498-9529


1620 25th Avenue,
Suite A
Greeley, CO 80634 US

PHONE: (970) 356-2123 Fax: (970) 352-4943


Certified Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC 1550 S. Potomac St.,
Suite 215
Aurora, CO 80012 US

PHONE: (303) 565-3485 Fax: (303) 532-5140


PHONE: (308) 635-3700 Fax: (308) 433 3709


PHONE: (307) 433-1000 Fax: (307) 433 1005

ABC Accredited Facility
ABC Certified Practitioners