Patient Resources

Initial Visit:

Thank you for choosing Certified! At your initial visit you will be evaluated by one of our ABC Certified Orthotists & Prosthetists. This initial evaluation will determine what orthotic and/or prosthetics services you will require as prescribed by the referring physician, and what the goals and desired outcomes are for the device you have been prescribed. Depending on the level of need, your initial visit will consist of an evaluation and immediate fitting, evaluation and custom casting or scan, or consultation to establish a plan for your care. You will not be charged an office visit as all of our services are covered in the fee schedule of the device itself.


Also during the initial visit you will complete the necessary paperwork and forms so we are able to provide your care and verify your insurance benefits. During and after the initial visit insurance benefits will be checked, and all additional documentation needed from the referral source will be gathered by Certified.
At the first visit please bring the following items with you:

  • All Current and Active Insurance Cards/Information
  • Photo ID
  • Prescription/Referral Information
  • Method of Payment for applicable charges. i.e. Copay, Deductible, and/or Deposits

Fitting and Follow Up:

Once your orthotic or prosthetic device is complete you will be contacted for a final fitting. All fitting will be conducted by our ABC Certified Orthotists and Prosthetists. The device will be fit, proper function and care for the device will be demonstrated and communicated, and proper wear instructions will be discussed. Follow up care is provided through the warranty of the devices by simply scheduling an appointment for follow up and/or adjustments if needed. Once again, you will not be charged an office visit for fitting or follow up as it is included in the reimbursement fee schedule of the device.

Insurance Coverage:

Our staff is experienced in funding and billing Medicare, State Medicaids, Private Insurance, and self-pay situations. We accept most insurances and Medicare and Medicaid. Our experience in dealing with reimbursement provides peace of mind for the client and their families when dealing with the financial issues of their healthcare. Rest assured the intricacies of funding and billing can be explained and communicated precisely, then followed through with timeliness and care.


Below, you can find the forms that you will be asked to fill out when you arrive for your first visit at Certified. We have provided these forms online for your convenience. These forms will also be available for you to fill out at our office when you arrive for your initial visit.

You will also find a downloadable Patient Satisfaction Survey that you may fill out. We are always open to feedback, but this survey is not something that we require of our patients