Prosthetic Services

Certified takes pride in offering high quality and compassionate prosthetic care. Our ABC credentialed staff understands the importance of quality prosthetic care with the goal of not only maintaining quality of life but improving quality of life. As a company we are committed to becoming your partner in achieving your full potential with your prosthetic device and needs. Whether it is socket fit and design, comfort, or exploring new and cutting edge technologies Certified is truly your prosthetic partner. As a company we believe in a team rehab approach and strive to achieve a positive working relationship with the Physician, Therapist, Patient, Care Taker, and Family to achieve successful results. Please see the overview of our prosthetic products and services below.

Overview of Prosthetic Services

  • Pre/Post Operative Prosthetic Consultation
  • Immediate Post Operative Fittings
  • Preparatory and Definitive Fittings
  • Upper and Lower Extremity
  • Adult, Pediatric, and Geriatric Patient Populations
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Special Certification for wide variety of upper and lower extremity systems/products
  • Patient Education and Support
  • Free Consultation and Follow Up
  • On Call Emergency Service for Hospital Situations
  • Outside/Mobile Clinics

Overview of Prosthetic Products/Services

  • Above Knee:
    • Experienced in all amputation levels
      • Hemi-Pelvectomy
      • Hip Disarticulation
      • Above Knee
    • Provide various means of suspension
      • Suction Suspension
      • Gel Liner with Pin Suspension
      • Tes Belt / Selisian Belt
      • Hip Joint with waist belt
    • Provide Innovative assorted socket designs, knee modules and foot modules to fit patient’s activity level
  • Below Knee:
    • Experienced in all amputation levels
      • Below Knee
      • Symes
      • Chopart
      • Partial Foot
    • Provide various means of suspension
      • Suction Suspension
      • Self Suspending
      • Gel Liner with Pin
      • Sleeve Suspension
    • Provide Innovative assorted socket designs and foot modules to fit patient’s activity level
  • Upper Extremity:
    • Experienced in all levels of amputation
      • Above Elbow
      • Below Elbow
      • Wrist Disarticulation
      • Shoulder Disarticulation
    • Myoelectric
    • Conventional (Body powered)
    • Hybrid (Use of Myoelectric and Body Power)